If you are looking for away to bring your future hunting dog to life Upland Dogs is the places to go.

I have trained many different temperaments and breeds of dogs, from strong & bold, tough headed dogs to soft and timid dogs. 
 Each dog has his or her own personality and traits and my program is adjusted to meet each individual dogs needs.

After we train your dog, we offer refresher training for the dog that has not had a chance to get out for awhile and your big hunt is only a couple of weeks away, or if you are going on a vacation that can't include your hunting companion

We will also run your dogs in AKC Hunt tests
We offer training by the month 
or one on one training to meet your needs. Upland Dogs is located on Pointer Lane 
in beautiful Ellensburg Washington.  
We have many training areas that represent a combination of actual hunting terrains.
All training by appointment only.
Taking reservations for spring training now !!
 Call for pricing.

                     Doug Burnett                      
   509-933-1372  (cell) 253 350-7165

Training Program
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