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Upland Dogs Stella --- AKC # SR5149058  

.Stella & Jack's 1st Litter
Stella & Jack's 2nd Litter
Liver female sold
Female  8 weeks old sold
female @ 8 weeks sold
Liver male @ 5 weeks old sold
Liver male @ 8 weeks old sold
Liver male @8 weeks old sold
Female brown collar
Heather & Vaughn picked this one
Female leopord collar
Craig Hicks picked this one
Female  Hawaiian collar
Craig picked this one her name is Annie
Female pink bone collar
Todd Brugger picked this one
Female purple collar
Kimm & Rob picked this one
Male brown check collar
SOLD is going to live with his Daddy Moose
Male black collar 
Pat Dunigan took this one home
Male blue collar
Male Red collar
Tori picked this one
Stella & Moose's 2013 litter All of these pups are sold
Stella & Jacks 2012 Litter ( all pups are sold )
Sire Moose